Thursday, June 7, 2018

When "For Here" Doesn't Work

Remember how I wrote a whole post about asking for a "for here" cup? Yeah, me, too.

Yesterday, I went to get more fizzy water. I think I'm the only human that I've met that calls it fizzy water. In fact, that may be the case for the coffee shop people, too. Because when I asked for fizzy water, the lady responded, "Oh, yes! Your fizzy water!"

Which, to be honest, made me quite happy.

I made sure to ask for a "for here" cup. A couple of times. To my dismay, she pulled a plastic cup and filled it with ice.

Despair came over me.

Oh, how sad.

It was too late.

And I had a giant, plastic cup.

And it's not even the composting one!

But. Fret not! This coffee shop, being the best coffee shop in town, allows me to bring my own cup. Let's be honest, though. Most places do that. And usually they give you a discount.

So, I was able to get a refill. Of fizzy water. They didn't charge me because I had my giant plastic cup.

Today, I brought back my giant fizzy water cup. And my cold brew bottle because I almost always get the same things.

And they filled up both. No charge for the fizzy water.

So, folks, I think what we have here is an "official" fizzy water cup. Because, you know, the second R in the 3 R's is reuse. Reduce, reuse, recycle. They're in that order for a reason.

Here's my coffee shop view.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Single-Use Plastic

I'm not a big fan of single-use plastic. It makes my heart a bit sad. Maybe a lot sad.

The past two days, I've gone to the local coffee shop (because, you know, local is better) and gotten fizzy water. Learn my joy of fizzy water. Read my previous post. Both times, I made sure to clarify that I wanted a "for here" cup. That means glass.

You see, I struggle with staying somewhere and using a plastic cup. I see no point in getting a plastic cup if I'm staying somewhere.

Anyways, here's my point: if you're staying, ask for a 'for here' cup. Opt for the thing that can be washed. Save some of the planet.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fizzy Water

One of my favorite drinks is fizzy water. Well, wait. The real word is seltzer water. Er, the real name is seltzer water.

This, besides cold brew coffee, is my favorite drink during the summer. No sugar like pop, but more of a "pop" than water.

Also, economically, it's about 25 cents. That's nice.

I'm sure to ask for a real cup to be used whenever I get this at the shop AND I'm sure to not get a straw. It's amazing to be able to help the environment through fizzy water.

Thanks for joining me.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Four Hour Blog Post

I wrote this post over four hours. I was able to see Jesus move in mighty ways.

My student did this. It applies.
Have you ever just felt something and not really understood why? I feel sad right now. I’m not sure why. Sometimes we feel things and we don’t really know why. That’s my case. And, you know what? That’s okay. It’s okay to feel things, even if you don’t know why you feel them.

Anyways, that’s how I’m feeling tonight. And that’s okay.

For those of you who don’t know (that’s a lot of y’all…I forget to tell people things), I’ll be traveling to China and Hungary this summer. I’m trying to travel as environmentally and economically and sustainable and minimal as possible. It’s hard, you know? Like really hard.

Oh, and I’m traveling in a hiking backpack.

And I’ll be gone quite a hot minute.

And did I mention I want I have some food problems and need to bring some food? Oh, yeah, that’s a thing.

I’m nervous. Not like in a bad way, just that healthy oh-my-gosh-I’m-traveling-and-nervous feeling. Flights still bring me a bit of nervousness, but I know Jesus is in charge. Language is language (that means…hard to comprehend when you don’t know it). I do know, still, that Jesus is greater.

And I think that may be the root of my sadness. NOT that Jesus is greater. If anything, that is the encouragement to my soul. The nervousness may be the cause of the sadness.

I’m nervous.

But I still trust my great God.

I still trust that I will be taken care of and I need not be afraid.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to see education and help promote language development.


Can I tell you about my great God?

So I was writing this post. Imagine that, right? Contemplating emotions and things because that’s important. Thinking about family and leaving and nervousness and boxes.

Because someone needed to come pick up boxes.

Then she came to pick up the boxes.

I enjoyed her personality, asked her to stay a bit and chat, but she couldn’t.

Bummer. But our conversation made my sadness a bit better and my joy a bit more. It’s amazing how that happens. Also, she chooses to follow Jesus. There’s something to that, let me tell you.

Skip four minutes forward.

Skip. Skip. Skip. Skip.

I get a message, asking if the offer was still open to stay and chat and what my favorite gas station drink was.

Snapple. Always Snapple.

Then my new friend came! We talked about all good things: life, liberty, the pursuit of Jesus. Giving and sharing. Receiving. Life experiences and favorite animals, family and hobbies. For those of you wondering, no, I didn’t ask favorite color. My saddest regret.

It amazed me. It was like Jesus heard my small prayer and immediately answered. He did. What a mighty, humbling, relational God I choose to follow.

Then the conversation ended because you can’t talk until forever.


I’m thankful.

I’m thankful that I serve a God who hears my cry of sadness. Even if I don’t know why I’m sad.

I’m thankful for people who follow Jesus.

I’m thankful for people who can speak truth into my life.

I’m thankful.


Monday, April 30, 2018

Friendship and Sickness

I have been blessed with so many lovely friends. So many. I got sick the other day. Like...real sick. I haven't been this sick in over a year.

It all started with a headache. I thought it was just a headache (but I don't get headaches). Then I worked a bit. Then I went to family dinner. Went home.

Woke up at 6AM. My stomach was cramping. Maybe that's too much information. Whatever.

Thought about taking Advil. Do I have any? No. I used them all and my three left are at school. SCHOOL.

I put a post on Buy Nothing.

No response.

I texted four friends.

Within 20 minutes, I had three responses. Within 15 minutes, though, my friend, Julie, had come over and brought me ibuprofen.

Which I couldn't take because I opened the door to greet her, said, "Hi..." and then ran to throw up.

Which I did.

Did she leave? No. She stayed with me. Made tea. Talked to me. And prayed for me. Then she left.

Twenty minutes later, I sent out a group text. I asked for crackers and Sprite. Why? Puke. Gross.

Three minutes, I got an answer. Max could come in 40 to 60 minutes with them.

Then Rachel asked if she could get me anything. I asked for crackers.

Max came with crackers and Sprite. I was late to answer the door. Why? Well, here's this conversation...
"Oh! Sorry to be late to answer the door. I was puking." - Sidney
"Aw, that's a bummer." - Max

Twenty minutes after that, Rachel came with crackers. And wouldn't hug me because germs. Thank you for taking care of your health, Rachel.

One hour later, my mom and sister, Lynda, came to the door! They didn't need much, but they saw if I was okay! I was. I had puked an hour before, so life was good. They quickly rushed out the door in joy.

One hour later, there was a knock on the door. My friend Jamison had come to see if I needed anything and to see that I was okay. I was. Why? I was on ibuprofen and thought the world was awesome. Jamison hung out in my my germs for all the time.

I love the pop-ins to my home. It makes my heart happy.

In this time, my friends Agni, Grace, Marzieh, Judith, Julie, Braden, and Tiffany were making sure I was still alive and making sure if I needed anything that I was taken care of. #thisisfriendship

Marzieh asked if I needed anything and offered soup. Y'all. This soup is amazing. This friendship is amazing. I was so grateful when she showed up at my door with soup and joy and a smile on her face. I can't tell you how thankful I am for her.

How lovely. Thank you, Julie.
Then, Julie texted me again, seeing if I needed anything. I asked for seltzer water (with no flavoring). She came. Brought me the water and flowers. My heart was so full. I feel so much joy through the beauty of flowers and how Jesus made them.

Then I made sub plans and needed to put in for a sub. I went next door and asked my neighbor if I could borrow his wifi to get a sub. He said yes. Thank you, Jeff, for taking care of me and my students.

I was able to ask the other 6th grade teacher, Nancy, questions of what to do for a sub (because this is the first time I've been sick all year). How humbling!

Then I slept.

Woke up at 9:30.

Had at least five texts from multiple people asking how I was doing.

I'm so thankful for the friends that the Lord has blessed me with. I'm thankful for kind people. I'm thankful.

I hope you have a good Monday.

I'm thankful for people who care from the other side of the world. Thank you, Kewal.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Little Human Joy

I will never fail to tell you how proud I am of my students.
We talked of the earth yesterday and
made posters. This
is one of my favorite.

I love my job.

Have I mentioned that?

On my evaluation this year, my principal wrote that I'm helping, "Make little activists." I couldn't think of a better compliment.

Thanks for caring for the earth and caring, children. 

You take care of the world and make school wonderful, little humans.


Saturday, January 27, 2018


One of my favorite things to do when I come across a mushroom on a walk is to demolish it into little pieces. It brings me far too much joy.

That all being said, this isn't about that.

I hated mushrooms for the past 25 years. I thought they were super nasty and tasted like death. I don't know what death tasted like, but I think mushrooms were that. Then something happened.

I don't know what. I wish I did. I think I probably found a sale or decided to get over my fear or maybe I accidentally got some mushrooms at a restaurant and I couldn't say no. I don't know what happened, but a change started.

Y'all. I now LOVE mushrooms. Not enough to marry them, but I really like them. Like, a lot.


I don't know. I think maybe because I know I'm eating something healthy. Also, they don't have too much taste. Maybe I think they taste like earth. Not dirt. That's weird.

I'm watching a giant blue jay eat seeds outside right now. It's absolutely majestic. Thank you, Lord, for this bird.

Anyways, turns out...mushrooms are really good for you. Like really good. They provide tons of vitamins and minerals (maybe that's why I feel like they taste like earth). They are one of the only food sources of Vitamin D. They have cancer-preventing qualities. They do lots.

They have lots of fiber, and they're just lovely. Fiber is good for your body. They are also full of antioxidants, so they're basically blueberries.

Did you know you have to cook mushrooms to get the health benefits? I just learned that. It's because the outside walls are indigestible, so cooking them breaks that down.

There's some random facts on mushrooms. Join me in my mushroom journey.

OH. BUT A NOTE. Mushrooms have like no caloric value, so if you just eat mushrooms with nothing else, you'll be super hungry. Personal experience.

OH. And there's so many different kinds! I like the long ones from the Asian grocery (Enoki?).

Here's a reference.
Here's another.